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Orca Camp Tours

All our videos from our Orca Camp Season in 2015 at our Whale Watching Camp in Johnstone Strait BC put together. Why not join us? Visit our website or for more information or call us Toll FREE 1.877.337.5717.

Humpback Close To Shore

This video shows clearly a humpback whale close to our camp. Quit amazing how deep the ocean drops just a few feet away from shore.

Eagle Fishing For Salmon

Eagles are very common in this area. Most of the time you will hear them from up above tall trees and waiting for their chance to catch a fresh salmon.

Baby Orca Spyhop

Our Orca Camp Tours start mid July until mid September each year. This video shows a residential Orca family travelling close by while kayaking in Johnstone Strait.

Hot Rock Sauna

Heat up a bunch of rocks under great big logs. Get them really hot and then poor water over top. Best steam bath/sauna outdoors ever!

Kayaking at Whale Watching Camp

Kayaking in Johnstone Strait is different then from our other tours. You do not kayak as much, but if you do, you most likely will kayak with Orcas and Humpback Whales. This video show our launching spot and our safe bay to get into the water.