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Vancouver Island

Local Attractions

There are far too many attractions on Vancouver Island to list here. Our local attractions page contains a short list of places we like to visit. These include links to information on local golf courses, museums and art galleries.

For links to more Vancouver Island attractions, see the sidebar on the right.

Where to Stay

Grey Wolf Expeditions does not recommend or endorse any of the accommodations shown on this page. However, our guest have stayed at these accommodations in the past and have found them to be clean and comfortable.

We will pick up guests taking any of our multi day tours from most hotels, motels, resorts or bed and breakfasts in the north Black Creek and Campbell River. Please check to make sure we can pick you up from your accommodations.

Where to Eat

There is something for every taste and budget. You will find everything from the usual fast food and multinational restaurants and coffee shops to some of the finest cuisine on Vancouver Island.