NEW: Payment Plans Available for 2017 Season

Improved customer service at Grey Wolf Expeditions


Your Vacation Is Possible with our Payment Plan

3 or 6 month payment plans available 

- no interest charged - 

It's easy to spread out the cost of your kayak vacation with Grey Wolf Expeditions with our payment plan. You can choose 3 month or 6 month payment plan. 

Better budgeting and flexibility

Our payment plan allows you to make easy-to-manage, scheduled payments to help with your monthly budgeting and still get the vacation you and your family deserves. You can:

  • spread the cost over equal monthly or quarterly payments

  • choose a monthly or quarterly withdrawal date that works for you. (The first payment comes out on the trip sign up date.)

  • pay the full balance at any time

Save money on interest

We offer this service for NO interest fee what so ever. 

Payment plan terms

Missing payment

If there isn't enough money in your credit card when your monthly payment is due or if your financial institution has returned your payment, you'll have to pay a fee of $ 55. Within three to five days, we'll try to withdraw the missed payment again. If that's not successful, we'll contact you.

Cancel payment plan

If you need to cancel your payment plan with us, try to do it at least one day before your payment is due to avoid an unexpected withdrawal.


Documents needed to sign up

  • You will need to sing a payment plan form. It will be send to you once you have signed up. 


The one time enrolment fee is $15. You won't need to pay again. One time set up fee. 

Who can sign up

Anybody who has a valid credit card. 


Contact Sandra today to arrange your sea kayak adventure or Orca Camp tour of your dreams: 

Ph 250-337-5717