A Lifetime Deposit

Improved customer service at Grey Wolf Expeditions

Our Lifetime Deposit policy is designed to protect you from unexpected or unpredictable events that may cause your trip to be cancelled or delayed. If you need to cancel for any reason, your initial deposit is good for life and will remain securely on file until you’re ready to use it. And because your deposit is completely transferable, you can easily pass it on to anyone of your choosing. Of course, you’re welcome to donate it to a non-profit organization of your choice—and in recognition of your generosity, we’ll match your contribution.

100% Guaranteed Departures

The comfort that comes with knowing your trip is locked-in is a feeling that can't be topped. Unlike other travel companies, we guarantee every departure on our entire roster of once-in-a-lifetime trips. Once you've booked and paid, that's it. You're going. Guaranteed. Rest easy knowing that your trip won't be cancelled by us for any reason (beyond weather and safety issues, obviously). Take the guesswork out of planning and enjoy peace of mind.

No Single Supplement

We believe single travellers should enjoy the same advantages as others in their group. We’ll gladly pair you up with a tentmate of the same sex to ensure you get the same price.


Understanding that travel plans change and sometimes need to be delayed, we’ve listened to your feedback and established an innovative new level of customer service and flexibility designed to ensure that if you need to cancel or delay a trip, you’ll be able to find another time to take your next, great life-changing adventure.


Lifetime Deposits offer any of our passengers forced to delay a departure to now retain their initial deposit for use at a later date at no extra charge—and with no questions asked. The Lifetime Deposit policy allows you to save your initial deposit (one per person, per confirmed tour) for an unlimited time, be it 10 weeks or 10 years. Put simply, we want to do the right thing by our travellers and ensure you can still take another trip if your plans have to change.

“We see this as an opportunity to once again demonstrate our commitment to leading with service and change this industry-standard practice,” Grey Wolf Expeditions Owner Sandra Zgela says. “We want to foster happiness and a sense of community among our travellers and we understand that providing this extra flexibility will only enhance their travel experiences with us.”


We also realize that your travel preferences can change over time, so your Lifetime Deposit can be used on any future tour and is not limited to the destination on your original booking. Use your Lifetime Deposit to select the dream trip that suits your interests when you plan your next adventure—maybe you’ll choose to explore the Discovery Islands, join us on our 7 Day Adventure Tour, or cruise around our Orca Camp in Johnstone Strait—no matter the preferred trip, we have an adventure for everyone!

Under the new policy, Lifetime Deposits are also transferable. That means you can transfer your initial deposit to another traveller of your choice at no additional charge—is there any better way to give the gift of adventure? If you’re feeling generous, you can even donate your deposit to a non-profit organziation of your choice. We’ll then match the value of your donation.

“Our passengers are telling us that they need flexibility now more than ever. This new policy fits in perfectly with our core mission to provide the best customer service in the industry, which is an essential part of the life-changing adventures that our loyal travellers have come to expect from Grey Wolf Expeditions.”