Guest Testimonials

Orca Tour

Russ and Anita, Golden, Colorado

We really enjoyed our Sea KayakTour. Our guide, Jesse, was uncommonly knowledgeable of the area and wildlife, perhaps due to the fact he was born and raised in the area. We were also impressed with the quality of the equipment. We hoped for a day that would be memorable for years to come and highlight our Canadian vacation. This tour exceeded our expectations in all aspects.

Russ and Anita

 Gerry & Marie-Pierre Kroetsch, Chelsea, Québec

What made our visit with them so wonderful was the warm and genuine welcome by Sandra and Jesse. In the orientation to our small group, before we took to the water in new kayaks, they generously shared their knowledge and expertise in kayaking, exploring and nature lore.

Their enthusiasm and passion for kayaking along this part of Vancouver Island made for an introduction in which we, even as novices, could feel safe and competent, with their guidance and support of course, to explore and learn about a most beautiful part of the world.

Thank you Sandra and Jesse! The opportunity you provide and how you provide it is a gift to us all.

Gerry & Marie-Pierre Kroetsch

Camille and Bernard Renk, Pasadena, CA

Hi Jesse - Sandra

Hope this finds you well. Bernhard and I are still reflecting on our experience with you..and must say it has really impacted our lives and spirit.  We have shared photo's with friends, family and co-workers...EVERYONE is amazed with the shots and have shown interest in your website.

Best to you both
Camille Renk

Gregory and Patricia Salerno, Austin, Texas

Hi Sandra, 

Thank you for your efforts with setting up our kayaking trip.  Patricia and I had a fantastic time. Bill was an excellent guide, instructor, and cook. I hope we have a chance to return to Vancouver Island in the future to enjoy another kayak trip with GreyWolf.  Best of luck to you and Jesse as you grow your company.

Greg and Patricia

Alexandre and Family, France

Hi Sandra and Jesse!

We are now back to France, back to work. The Kayak tour has been for us an amazing experience.
Thank you Sandra for having spent so much time exchanging emails with me in order to organize this tour. Thank you Jesse for having been our guide, sharing your knowledge and good time with us, leaving those three days according to our rhythm.

I have shot many pictures during those 3 weeks of travel and I will now check it carefully and sort it. Once done, I will send it to you so you can use it as you wish. Even if we haven't seen Orcas from our kayaks, I have some other nice shots of the beach, the sunset, even jumping salmons!

As I told Jesse, you and your family are welcome to visit us any time in France.

Best wishes for the future, keep following the way you have chosen.
Let's keep in touch! And who knows, may be our ways will meet again!

Alex & Pauline, Antoine & Camille

Discovery Tour

Sarah Finn, California USA

Thank you for all of the wonderful adventures.
I enjoyed the time I got to spend getting to know each one of you. Please keep in touch.

Pat & Ken Smith, Austin, TX USA

Hi Jesse,

Here's just one picture from our fabulous trip..... more to follow. Thanks again for a wonderful trip.  Good times -- good memories!  I hope Wild Bill had fun on the Orca Tour.  Keep in touch.
Cheers, Pat

Scott and Erin Smith, Florida USA

Hey Sandra,

I wanted to send you over a formal link to the photos I did on the tour with Jesse last month.  I can't tell you how much Erin and I enjoyed the trip!!! We have been telling friends to call you and we really are hoping to do another trip next summer!!! 

Here is a bunch of photos I did while on the expedition… feel free to use any on websites, Facebook, brochures, etc. etc. We want to share them and hope the very best for you and Jesse.


Scott Smith

Mary Thompson, Florida, USA

Hi Sandra and Jesse,

Talked with Jarvis last night. He was so very happy. He said the trip was even better than his expectations. He said that in most part it was because of Jesse.

Jarvis and James will be home tonight and Terry will be flying back to Florida in the morning.

Thank you both so very much. 

With much love.


Day Tours

Dan, Meagan, Emma, and Claire , Portland

Hey Sandra and Jesse,

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for the great time my family had with Jesse on the morning Kayak tour a week ago Sunday! I know he was squeezing us in between various tours. Even though the water was rougher than usual, it was still loads of fun. And of course, Jesse is a born tour guide.

Also, after a dozen years of visiting B.C. annually, we had never tasted authentic Hawkin's Cheezies, which I understand was Sandra's idea. With earlier planning, we hope to do an overnight trip with you next year.

Let us know if you ever have plans to be in Portland. Thanks again!

Wild West Tour