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Orca Camp

Orca Camp Vancouver Island

A pod of Killer whales swims past as the kayaking tour sits motionless. Just one of the many exciting possibilities for adventure on our most popular tour.

Kayaking with Orcas (2013)

A pod of Orcas pass our Kayaks.

Orcas close to beach at Kayaking Camp

Orca Camp Tour Johnstone Strait | Kayaking with Killer Whales 4 days / 3 nights. Incredible encounters of marine wildlife.

Video Testimonial about our Orca Camp Tour

Larry has joined us on our Orca Camp Tour in July 2013 and will give a testimonial about us, the tour and wildlife. Larry and his son had seen whales, Orcas, bears and bald eagles. The million dollar trip has been completed with great food, fun campfires and lots of one in a lifetime wildlife scenarios.

Black Bear encounter on our drive up to Orca Camp

This shows a Vancouver Island Black Bear eating the young grass along the road. We ended up leaving the "scene" so it could finish having its snack.

A typical day at Orca Camp Johnstone Strait

Our resident Orcas like to surprise us a lot at our base camp set up in Johnstone Strait. This is a typical scenario. Enjoy!

Hot Rock Sauna in the natural way

Heat up a bunch of rocks under great big logs. Get them really hot and then poor water over top. Best steam bath/sauna outdoors ever!

Beautiful Paddle and Orcas swim right underneath our kayaks July 2014

Our Whale Watching Camp is one of the best places on earth to watch whales and dolphins from shore and from kayaks.


Discovery and Wild West Tours

Video Testimonial about our Discovery Island Tour

Video Testimonial from our guests in 2013. Our Discovery Island Tour is a 5 Day Sea Kayaking and Camping Tour in a eco-friendly way. No experience necessary. Fun for everyone.


Day Tours

Day Tours Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island

Join us on our Kayaking Tours along beautiful shores&sandbars at Saratoga Beach on Vancouver Island. Fun guaranteed. Snacks, drinks and 12% HST included.



Kayak Vancouver Island

Kayak Vancouver Island with Grey Wolf Expeditions.

Whale Watching Base Camp - Kayaking with a Humpback Whale

A huge humpback comes close to our whale watching base camp and kayaks. Amazing how big these whales are. You can hear his blow miles away and once they are that close as in this video, you can even smell its breath (it smells like bad fish).

Kayak Rolling with Jesse

Winter days are filled with pool sessions in Campbell River. Feel free to join us every tuesday and thursdays from 6.30 to 8pm.

How does your tent look like at Whale Watching Camp?

This video shows you your private tent with a private walk to the beach.

Kayaking at Whale Watching Camp

Kayaking in Johnstone Strait is different then from our other tours. You do not kayak as much, but if you do, you most likely will kayak with Orcas and Humpback Whales. This video show our launching spot and our safe bay to get into the water.

Baby Orca Spyhopping at Whale Watching Camp BC 2015

This is a residential Orca family traveling close by our kayaks on our Orca Camp Tour in 2015. The baby Orca is about 5 years old and is a very curious fella. Why not join us next time?

Whale Watching Camp BC 2015

Humpback Close To Shore

Eagle Fishing For Salmon

Eagles are very common in this area. Most of the time you will hear them from up above tall trees and waiting for their chance to catch a fresh salmon.

How To Be Polite To An Orca

Black Bear 2016