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About Us

About Grey Wolf Expeditions core values

Jesse and I started out in a tent in 2007 on Quadra Island. Shortly both of us got a job as a kayak guide on Quadra Island. We were blown away how strong our bond has become over that years. We love what we do. That's what we do. That's what we do all the time. This is our passion. Since 2010 all our tours are hand picked and thoughtful put together. Understanding that we will deliver a rather short break for most of you, we know that our trips to Quadra or our Orca Base Camp will be as double as effective as you think. Yes we do have cell phone reception at Orca Camp. But for some reason it does not seem as important. There are no street lights, electricty or traffic (except boats). Only you and BC's beauty coast. We take care of all the rest. We provide walk-in tents, with comfortable outdoor beds, fresh cooked local meals from lunch day 1 until lunch last day - and so much more. Let us take you away from your busy daily life. 

We believe that travelling is most enjoyable when it expands the horizons of both visitor and visited, when both give and receive from each other. When it is a win / win. And we want to give back what we get. We are Orca and Whale silent protectors of the Northern Resident Orcas. We are committet to provide you the roots of all.

This is a busy world, we all need to sharpen our saws once in a while. 

We also believe that families - both parents and kids - benefit when traveling together. Children as young as 3 can join our Orca Camp Tours. Much love from beautiful BC.